Health Benefits Of Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a cosmetic applied to the eyelid that defines and intensifies the color of the eyes. It can also be used to create smokey eye makeup. Eyeliner is available as a pencil, liquid, gel, or cream. Eyeliner works by creating a bold outline on the eyelid in order to draw attention to one’s eyes and make them appear larger and more dramatic. The liner is usually applied using an angled brush or small dauber-type applicators, called pencils or pens; sometimes they’re attached directly onto mascara tubes/wands as part of their design.

Health benefits of eyeliner

1. Crease remover

The eyeliner gives you a more defined look from the eyes to make your eyelids much more defined and makes you look more awake and alert.

2. Shade enhancer

The eyeliner provides depth to your eye color and will give your eye a touch of vibrant color by making it stand out.

3. Arms of Lid

The eyeliner can widen the appearance of the eyes by making them appear larger, wider, darker, and brighter (darker blue or light green) in comparison to the skin color around it. The liner is used in order to make the eyes closer together, which gives the illusion of having big eyes.

4. Long lasting

The eyeliner helps to keep your eyes looking fresh and well-groomed. It also helps in keeping the eyes moisturized by preventing water loss.

5. Eye shadow

The eyeliner can be used as a base for eye shadow application, which makes it easier to blend eye shadow according to the design of the eyes. The liner is also used in order to make the eyes appear deep-set and dark, which gives a more dramatic look to go along with dark eye shadows or smoky eye shadows. Eyeliner also helps in giving a more defined look to your eyes when using lighter color shades of eye shadow.

The eyeliner is also used in other areas of the face due to its makeup effects. Eyeliner can also be used to highlight certain features of the face and can be used to create different effects on certain areas of the face, such as adding definition to the cheekbones or creating a softer look by filling in some of the cheeks with a soft color or applying it onto the eyelids only.

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